1. Metabolism

1.1 Carbohydrate metabolism
Glycolysis / Gluconeogenesis ([Opu]:34 [Cca]:35 [Gel]:33 [Cro]:35 [Cac]:35 [Pso]:35 [Sol]:36 [Ath]:35)
Citrate cycle (TCA cycle) ([Opu]:20 [Cca]:20 [Gel]:18 [Cro]:19 [Cac]:19 [Pso]:19 [Sol]:19 [Ath]:20)
Pentose phosphate pathway ([Opu]:19 [Cca]:19 [Gel]:19 [Cro]:18 [Cac]:19 [Pso]:19 [Sol]:19 [Ath]:17)
Pentose and glucuronate interconversions ([Opu]:19 [Cca]:17 [Gel]:16 [Cro]:16 [Cac]:18 [Pso]:16 [Sol]:18 [Ath]:14)
Fructose and mannose metabolism ([Opu]:21 [Cca]:22 [Gel]:18 [Cro]:21 [Cac]:20 [Pso]:21 [Sol]:22 [Ath]:20)
Galactose metabolism ([Opu]:16 [Cca]:18 [Gel]:16 [Cro]:15 [Cac]:17 [Pso]:18 [Sol]:17 [Ath]:16)
Ascorbate and aldarate metabolism ([Opu]:18 [Cca]:18 [Gel]:17 [Cro]:16 [Cac]:18 [Pso]:18 [Sol]:18 [Ath]:16)
Starch and sucrose metabolism ([Opu]:34 [Cca]:35 [Gel]:34 [Cro]:34 [Cac]:34 [Pso]:36 [Sol]:35 [Ath]:34)
Amino sugar and nucleotide sugar metabolism ([Opu]:42 [Cca]:42 [Gel]:41 [Cro]:40 [Cac]:43 [Pso]:44 [Sol]:43 [Ath]:41)
Pyruvate metabolism ([Opu]:32 [Cca]:31 [Gel]:31 [Cro]:32 [Cac]:32 [Pso]:30 [Sol]:32 [Ath]:29)
Glyoxylate and dicarboxylate metabolism ([Opu]:34 [Cca]:32 [Gel]:33 [Cro]:32 [Cac]:35 [Pso]:32 [Sol]:35 [Ath]:32)
Propanoate metabolism ([Opu]:21 [Cca]:18 [Gel]:17 [Cro]:18 [Cac]:19 [Pso]:18 [Sol]:18 [Ath]:17)
Butanoate metabolism ([Opu]:11 [Cca]:11 [Gel]:12 [Cro]:11 [Cac]:11 [Pso]:10 [Sol]:11 [Ath]:10)
C5-Branched dibasic acid metabolism ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:5 [Gel]:4 [Cro]:5 [Cac]:5 [Pso]:5 [Sol]:5 [Ath]:5)
Inositol phosphate metabolism ([Opu]:30 [Cca]:31 [Gel]:30 [Cro]:29 [Cac]:31 [Pso]:30 [Sol]:31 [Ath]:30)

1.2 Energy metabolism
Oxidative phosphorylation ([Opu]:91 [Cca]:65 [Gel]:69 [Cro]:77 [Cac]:61 [Pso]:88 [Sol]:84 [Ath]:72)
Photosynthesis ([Opu]:45 [Cca]:28 [Gel]:32 [Cro]:41 [Cac]:29 [Pso]:41 [Sol]:42 [Ath]:26)
Photosynthesis - antenna proteins ([Opu]:11 [Cca]:12 [Gel]:12 [Cro]:12 [Cac]:12 [Pso]:10 [Sol]:12 [Ath]:11)
Carbon fixation in photosynthetic organisms ([Opu]:25 [Cca]:23 [Gel]:25 [Cro]:25 [Cac]:25 [Pso]:24 [Sol]:26 [Ath]:24)
Carbon fixation pathways in prokaryotes ([Opu]:15 [Cca]:13 [Gel]:14 [Cro]:15 [Cac]:15 [Pso]:14 [Sol]:15 [Ath]:12)
Methane metabolism ([Opu]:21 [Cca]:21 [Gel]:18 [Cro]:20 [Cac]:20 [Pso]:20 [Sol]:21 [Ath]:20)
Nitrogen metabolism ([Opu]:12 [Cca]:11 [Gel]:11 [Cro]:12 [Cac]:12 [Pso]:12 [Sol]:12 [Ath]:12)
Sulfur metabolism ([Opu]:12 [Cca]:13 [Gel]:13 [Cro]:13 [Cac]:13 [Pso]:13 [Sol]:13 [Ath]:13)

1.3 Lipid metabolism
Fatty acid biosynthesis ([Opu]:15 [Cca]:15 [Gel]:14 [Cro]:16 [Cac]:16 [Pso]:15 [Sol]:15 [Ath]:14)
Fatty acid elongation ([Opu]:8 [Cca]:8 [Gel]:7 [Cro]:8 [Cac]:8 [Pso]:7 [Sol]:9 [Ath]:8)
Fatty acid degradation ([Opu]:16 [Cca]:16 [Gel]:16 [Cro]:16 [Cac]:16 [Pso]:15 [Sol]:16 [Ath]:15)
Synthesis and degradation of ketone bodies ([Opu]:3 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:3 [Cro]:3 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:2 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:2)
Cutin, suberine and wax biosynthesis ([Opu]:13 [Cca]:13 [Gel]:13 [Cro]:12 [Cac]:13 [Pso]:11 [Sol]:13 [Ath]:11)
Steroid biosynthesis ([Opu]:16 [Cca]:16 [Gel]:18 [Cro]:18 [Cac]:18 [Pso]:18 [Sol]:17 [Ath]:18)
Primary bile acid biosynthesis ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Secondary bile acid biosynthesis ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Steroid hormone biosynthesis ([Opu]:6 [Cca]:7 [Gel]:7 [Cro]:6 [Cac]:7 [Pso]:7 [Sol]:7 [Ath]:7)
Glycerolipid metabolism ([Opu]:29 [Cca]:32 [Gel]:31 [Cro]:31 [Cac]:32 [Pso]:29 [Sol]:30 [Ath]:30)
Glycerophospholipid metabolism ([Opu]:40 [Cca]:43 [Gel]:39 [Cro]:42 [Cac]:43 [Pso]:38 [Sol]:40 [Ath]:40)
Ether lipid metabolism ([Opu]:10 [Cca]:11 [Gel]:11 [Cro]:10 [Cac]:10 [Pso]:10 [Sol]:11 [Ath]:9)
Sphingolipid metabolism ([Opu]:16 [Cca]:16 [Gel]:17 [Cro]:17 [Cac]:17 [Pso]:16 [Sol]:16 [Ath]:15)
Arachidonic acid metabolism ([Opu]:11 [Cca]:12 [Gel]:11 [Cro]:11 [Cac]:11 [Pso]:13 [Sol]:11 [Ath]:11)
Linoleic acid metabolism ([Opu]:6 [Cca]:6 [Gel]:6 [Cro]:6 [Cac]:6 [Pso]:6 [Sol]:6 [Ath]:6)
alpha-Linolenic acid metabolism ([Opu]:18 [Cca]:16 [Gel]:15 [Cro]:16 [Cac]:16 [Pso]:15 [Sol]:16 [Ath]:17)
Biosynthesis of unsaturated fatty acids ([Opu]:1 [Cca]:1 [Gel]:1 [Cro]:1 [Cac]:1 [Pso]:1 [Sol]:1 [Ath]:1)

1.4 Nucleotide metabolism
Purine metabolism ([Opu]:48 [Cca]:53 [Gel]:47 [Cro]:53 [Cac]:51 [Pso]:50 [Sol]:55 [Ath]:48)
Pyrimidine metabolism ([Opu]:30 [Cca]:35 [Gel]:34 [Cro]:33 [Cac]:34 [Pso]:32 [Sol]:35 [Ath]:34)

1.5 Amino acid metabolism
Alanine, aspartate and glutamate metabolism ([Opu]:26 [Cca]:27 [Gel]:25 [Cro]:27 [Cac]:27 [Pso]:27 [Sol]:27 [Ath]:25)
Glycine, serine and threonine metabolism ([Opu]:35 [Cca]:35 [Gel]:34 [Cro]:35 [Cac]:37 [Pso]:34 [Sol]:36 [Ath]:36)
Cysteine and methionine metabolism ([Opu]:39 [Cca]:42 [Gel]:41 [Cro]:40 [Cac]:42 [Pso]:42 [Sol]:43 [Ath]:41)
Valine, leucine and isoleucine degradation ([Opu]:20 [Cca]:21 [Gel]:22 [Cro]:21 [Cac]:21 [Pso]:20 [Sol]:21 [Ath]:21)
Valine, leucine and isoleucine biosynthesis ([Opu]:9 [Cca]:9 [Gel]:8 [Cro]:10 [Cac]:10 [Pso]:10 [Sol]:10 [Ath]:12)
Lysine biosynthesis ([Opu]:9 [Cca]:10 [Gel]:8 [Cro]:9 [Cac]:11 [Pso]:10 [Sol]:11 [Ath]:9)
Lysine degradation ([Opu]:17 [Cca]:16 [Gel]:15 [Cro]:15 [Cac]:16 [Pso]:17 [Sol]:16 [Ath]:14)
Arginine biosynthesis ([Opu]:21 [Cca]:21 [Gel]:20 [Cro]:21 [Cac]:21 [Pso]:21 [Sol]:21 [Ath]:21)
Arginine and proline metabolism ([Opu]:25 [Cca]:27 [Gel]:27 [Cro]:26 [Cac]:26 [Pso]:27 [Sol]:29 [Ath]:23)
Histidine metabolism ([Opu]:12 [Cca]:12 [Gel]:12 [Cro]:13 [Cac]:13 [Pso]:12 [Sol]:13 [Ath]:11)
Tyrosine metabolism ([Opu]:20 [Cca]:18 [Gel]:17 [Cro]:17 [Cac]:19 [Pso]:18 [Sol]:20 [Ath]:18)
Phenylalanine metabolism ([Opu]:18 [Cca]:17 [Gel]:17 [Cro]:18 [Cac]:17 [Pso]:16 [Sol]:20 [Ath]:18)
Tryptophan metabolism ([Opu]:17 [Cca]:16 [Gel]:16 [Cro]:16 [Cac]:18 [Pso]:16 [Sol]:17 [Ath]:26)
Phenylalanine, tyrosine and tryptophan biosynthesis ([Opu]:24 [Cca]:23 [Gel]:23 [Cro]:22 [Cac]:24 [Pso]:22 [Sol]:24 [Ath]:23)

1.6 Metabolism of other amino acids
beta-Alanine metabolism ([Opu]:17 [Cca]:17 [Gel]:16 [Cro]:17 [Cac]:17 [Pso]:16 [Sol]:16 [Ath]:15)
Taurine and hypotaurine metabolism ([Opu]:3 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:3 [Cro]:3 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:3 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:3)
Phosphonate and phosphinate metabolism ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:4 [Gel]:3 [Cro]:4 [Cac]:4 [Pso]:4 [Sol]:4 [Ath]:4)
Selenocompound metabolism ([Opu]:10 [Cca]:10 [Gel]:8 [Cro]:7 [Cac]:10 [Pso]:9 [Sol]:10 [Ath]:8)
Cyanoamino acid metabolism ([Opu]:10 [Cca]:11 [Gel]:10 [Cro]:11 [Cac]:12 [Pso]:11 [Sol]:10 [Ath]:12)
D-Glutamine and D-glutamate metabolism ([Opu]:1 [Cca]:2 [Gel]:2 [Cro]:1 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:3 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:1)
D-Arginine and D-ornithine metabolism ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:1 [Gel]:1 [Cro]:1 [Cac]:1 [Pso]:1 [Sol]:1 [Ath]:1)
D-Alanine metabolism ([Opu]:1 [Cca]:1 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:1 [Cac]:1 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:1 [Ath]:1)
Glutathione metabolism ([Opu]:18 [Cca]:17 [Gel]:16 [Cro]:18 [Cac]:19 [Pso]:18 [Sol]:18 [Ath]:18)

1.7 Glycan biosynthesis and metabolism
N-Glycan biosynthesis ([Opu]:30 [Cca]:32 [Gel]:29 [Cro]:30 [Cac]:32 [Pso]:28 [Sol]:31 [Ath]:30)
Various types of N-glycan biosynthesis ([Opu]:9 [Cca]:8 [Gel]:9 [Cro]:8 [Cac]:9 [Pso]:8 [Sol]:9 [Ath]:8)
Mucin type O-glycan biosynthesis ([Opu]:1 [Cca]:2 [Gel]:2 [Cro]:2 [Cac]:2 [Pso]:2 [Sol]:2 [Ath]:2)
Mannose type O-glycan biosynthesis ([Opu]:1 [Cca]:1 [Gel]:1 [Cro]:1 [Cac]:1 [Pso]:2 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:1)
Other types of O-glycan biosynthesis ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Glycosaminoglycan biosynthesis - chondroitin sulfate / dermatan sulfate ([Opu]:1 [Cca]:1 [Gel]:2 [Cro]:1 [Cac]:2 [Pso]:1 [Sol]:2 [Ath]:1)
Glycosaminoglycan biosynthesis - heparan sulfate / heparin ([Opu]:1 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:3 [Cro]:2 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:3 [Sol]:2 [Ath]:3)
Glycosaminoglycan biosynthesis - keratan sulfate ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Glycosaminoglycan degradation ([Opu]:5 [Cca]:5 [Gel]:5 [Cro]:5 [Cac]:5 [Pso]:5 [Sol]:5 [Ath]:5)
Glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI)-anchor biosynthesis ([Opu]:19 [Cca]:21 [Gel]:19 [Cro]:18 [Cac]:21 [Pso]:18 [Sol]:19 [Ath]:19)
Glycosphingolipid biosynthesis - lacto and neolacto series ([Opu]:1 [Cca]:1 [Gel]:1 [Cro]:1 [Cac]:1 [Pso]:1 [Sol]:1 [Ath]:1)
Glycosphingolipid biosynthesis - globo and isoglobo series ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:5 [Gel]:5 [Cro]:5 [Cac]:5 [Pso]:5 [Sol]:5 [Ath]:5)
Glycosphingolipid biosynthesis - ganglio series ([Opu]:3 [Cca]:4 [Gel]:4 [Cro]:4 [Cac]:4 [Pso]:4 [Sol]:4 [Ath]:4)
Lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis ([Opu]:9 [Cca]:9 [Gel]:8 [Cro]:8 [Cac]:8 [Pso]:8 [Sol]:9 [Ath]:9)
Peptidoglycan biosynthesis ([Opu]:3 [Cca]:6 [Gel]:6 [Cro]:2 [Cac]:10 [Pso]:7 [Sol]:9 [Ath]:3)
Other glycan degradation ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Lipoarabinomannan (LAM) biosynthesis ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Arabinogalactan biosynthesis - Mycobacterium ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)

1.8 Metabolism of cofactors and vitamins
Thiamine metabolism ([Opu]:13 [Cca]:13 [Gel]:12 [Cro]:12 [Cac]:13 [Pso]:14 [Sol]:15 [Ath]:10)
Riboflavin metabolism ([Opu]:12 [Cca]:12 [Gel]:10 [Cro]:11 [Cac]:11 [Pso]:12 [Sol]:11 [Ath]:12)
Vitamin B6 metabolism ([Opu]:8 [Cca]:9 [Gel]:8 [Cro]:7 [Cac]:8 [Pso]:7 [Sol]:8 [Ath]:7)
Nicotinate and nicotinamide metabolism ([Opu]:13 [Cca]:15 [Gel]:14 [Cro]:16 [Cac]:15 [Pso]:14 [Sol]:14 [Ath]:13)
Pantothenate and CoA biosynthesis ([Opu]:15 [Cca]:17 [Gel]:16 [Cro]:17 [Cac]:17 [Pso]:16 [Sol]:17 [Ath]:15)
Biotin metabolism ([Opu]:8 [Cca]:8 [Gel]:7 [Cro]:8 [Cac]:8 [Pso]:8 [Sol]:8 [Ath]:7)
Lipoic acid metabolism ([Opu]:3 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:3 [Cro]:2 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:3 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:3)
Folate biosynthesis ([Opu]:18 [Cca]:19 [Gel]:20 [Cro]:18 [Cac]:19 [Pso]:21 [Sol]:19 [Ath]:20)
One carbon pool by folate ([Opu]:12 [Cca]:14 [Gel]:13 [Cro]:13 [Cac]:12 [Pso]:13 [Sol]:14 [Ath]:13)
Retinol metabolism ([Opu]:10 [Cca]:11 [Gel]:10 [Cro]:11 [Cac]:11 [Pso]:12 [Sol]:11 [Ath]:11)
Porphyrin and chlorophyll metabolism ([Opu]:36 [Cca]:34 [Gel]:34 [Cro]:34 [Cac]:34 [Pso]:33 [Sol]:35 [Ath]:34)
Ubiquinone and other terpenoid-quinone biosynthesis ([Opu]:22 [Cca]:21 [Gel]:17 [Cro]:21 [Cac]:21 [Pso]:22 [Sol]:23 [Ath]:21)

1.9 Metabolism of terpenoids and polyketides
Terpenoid backbone biosynthesis ([Opu]:29 [Cca]:31 [Gel]:29 [Cro]:26 [Cac]:31 [Pso]:27 [Sol]:30 [Ath]:25)
Monoterpenoid biosynthesis ([Opu]:11 [Cca]:11 [Gel]:10 [Cro]:10 [Cac]:11 [Pso]:8 [Sol]:8 [Ath]:7)
Sesquiterpenoid and triterpenoid biosynthesis ([Opu]:10 [Cca]:11 [Gel]:10 [Cro]:10 [Cac]:10 [Pso]:5 [Sol]:13 [Ath]:16)
Diterpenoid biosynthesis ([Opu]:12 [Cca]:10 [Gel]:11 [Cro]:11 [Cac]:12 [Pso]:12 [Sol]:10 [Ath]:10)
Carotenoid biosynthesis ([Opu]:21 [Cca]:23 [Gel]:21 [Cro]:22 [Cac]:23 [Pso]:22 [Sol]:23 [Ath]:19)
Brassinosteroid biosynthesis ([Opu]:7 [Cca]:9 [Gel]:8 [Cro]:9 [Cac]:8 [Pso]:9 [Sol]:9 [Ath]:9)
Insect hormone biosynthesis ([Opu]:2 [Cca]:1 [Gel]:2 [Cro]:2 [Cac]:2 [Pso]:1 [Sol]:2 [Ath]:1)
Zeatin biosynthesis ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:6 [Gel]:5 [Cro]:6 [Cac]:5 [Pso]:5 [Sol]:6 [Ath]:5)
Limonene and pinene degradation ([Opu]:2 [Cca]:2 [Gel]:2 [Cro]:2 [Cac]:2 [Pso]:2 [Sol]:2 [Ath]:2)
Geraniol degradation ([Opu]:2 [Cca]:2 [Gel]:2 [Cro]:2 [Cac]:2 [Pso]:2 [Sol]:2 [Ath]:2)
Type I polyketide structures ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Biosynthesis of 12-, 14- and 16-membered macrolides ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Biosynthesis of ansamycins ([Opu]:1 [Cca]:1 [Gel]:1 [Cro]:1 [Cac]:1 [Pso]:1 [Sol]:1 [Ath]:1)
Biosynthesis of enediyne antibiotics ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Biosynthesis of type II polyketide backbone ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Biosynthesis of type II polyketide products ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Tetracycline biosynthesis ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Polyketide sugar unit biosynthesis ([Opu]:2 [Cca]:2 [Gel]:1 [Cro]:2 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:2 [Sol]:2 [Ath]:2)
Nonribosomal peptide structures ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Biosynthesis of siderophore group nonribosomal peptides ([Opu]:1 [Cca]:2 [Gel]:1 [Cro]:2 [Cac]:1 [Pso]:1 [Sol]:2 [Ath]:2)
Biosynthesis of vancomycin group antibiotics ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)

1.10 Biosynthesis of other secondary metabolites
Phenylpropanoid biosynthesis ([Opu]:21 [Cca]:22 [Gel]:21 [Cro]:23 [Cac]:23 [Pso]:19 [Sol]:21 [Ath]:26)
Stilbenoid, diarylheptanoid and gingerol biosynthesis ([Opu]:6 [Cca]:6 [Gel]:6 [Cro]:6 [Cac]:6 [Pso]:6 [Sol]:6 [Ath]:4)
Flavonoid biosynthesis ([Opu]:17 [Cca]:15 [Gel]:14 [Cro]:13 [Cac]:17 [Pso]:15 [Sol]:14 [Ath]:14)
Flavone and flavonol biosynthesis ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:8 [Gel]:4 [Cro]:7 [Cac]:6 [Pso]:5 [Sol]:6 [Ath]:4)
Anthocyanin biosynthesis ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:4 [Gel]:4 [Cro]:5 [Cac]:4 [Pso]:2 [Sol]:2 [Ath]:3)
Isoflavonoid biosynthesis ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:5 [Gel]:4 [Cro]:4 [Cac]:4 [Pso]:4 [Sol]:4 [Ath]:3)
Indole alkaloid biosynthesis ([Opu]:6 [Cca]:8 [Gel]:9 [Cro]:15 [Cac]:4 [Pso]:4 [Sol]:4 [Ath]:5)
Indole diterpene alkaloid biosynthesis ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Isoquinoline alkaloid biosynthesis ([Opu]:15 [Cca]:15 [Gel]:14 [Cro]:14 [Cac]:15 [Pso]:36 [Sol]:14 [Ath]:12)
Tropane, piperidine and pyridine alkaloid biosynthesis ([Opu]:10 [Cca]:9 [Gel]:9 [Cro]:8 [Cac]:9 [Pso]:7 [Sol]:11 [Ath]:8)
Acridone alkaloid biosynthesis ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Caffeine metabolism ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:5 [Gel]:2 [Cro]:3 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:3 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:3)
Betalain biosynthesis ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:4 [Gel]:4 [Cro]:4 [Cac]:5 [Pso]:4 [Sol]:4 [Ath]:4)
Glucosinolate biosynthesis ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Benzoxazinoid biosynthesis ([Opu]:1 [Cca]:1 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:1 [Cac]:1 [Pso]:1 [Sol]:1 [Ath]:0)
Penicillin and cephalosporin biosynthesis ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:1 [Gel]:1 [Cro]:2 [Cac]:1 [Pso]:1 [Sol]:1 [Ath]:1)
Carbapenem biosynthesis ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:1 [Ath]:0)
Monobactam biosynthesis ([Opu]:5 [Cca]:6 [Gel]:4 [Cro]:6 [Cac]:6 [Pso]:6 [Sol]:6 [Ath]:6)
Clavulanic acid biosynthesis ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Streptomycin biosynthesis ([Opu]:6 [Cca]:6 [Gel]:5 [Cro]:4 [Cac]:6 [Pso]:6 [Sol]:6 [Ath]:6)
Neomycin, kanamycin and gentamicin biosynthesis ([Opu]:1 [Cca]:1 [Gel]:1 [Cro]:1 [Cac]:1 [Pso]:1 [Sol]:1 [Ath]:1)
Acarbose and validamycin biosynthesis ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Puromycin biosynthesis ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Novobiocin biosynthesis ([Opu]:2 [Cca]:2 [Gel]:2 [Cro]:2 [Cac]:2 [Pso]:2 [Sol]:2 [Ath]:2)
Staurosporine biosynthesis ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Phenazine biosynthesis ([Opu]:2 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:3 [Cro]:2 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:3 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:3)
Prodigiosin biosynthesis ([Opu]:3 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:3 [Cro]:3 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:3 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:3)
Aflatoxin biosynthesis ([Opu]:1 [Cca]:2 [Gel]:2 [Cro]:1 [Cac]:1 [Pso]:1 [Sol]:1 [Ath]:2)
Biosynthesis of secondary metabolites - other antibiotics (-)
Biosynthesis of secondary metabolites - unclassified ([Opu]:7 [Cca]:7 [Gel]:7 [Cro]:6 [Cac]:8 [Pso]:8 [Sol]:7 [Ath]:5)

1.11 Xenobiotics biodegradation and metabolism
Benzoate degradation ([Opu]:3 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:3 [Cro]:3 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:4 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:2)
Aminobenzoate degradation ([Opu]:3 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:3 [Cro]:3 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:2 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:4)
Fluorobenzoate degradation ([Opu]:1 [Cca]:1 [Gel]:1 [Cro]:1 [Cac]:1 [Pso]:1 [Sol]:1 [Ath]:1)
Chloroalkane and chloroalkene degradation ([Opu]:5 [Cca]:4 [Gel]:4 [Cro]:5 [Cac]:4 [Pso]:4 [Sol]:4 [Ath]:4)
Chlorocyclohexane and chlorobenzene degradation ([Opu]:2 [Cca]:2 [Gel]:2 [Cro]:3 [Cac]:2 [Pso]:3 [Sol]:2 [Ath]:2)
Toluene degradation ([Opu]:1 [Cca]:1 [Gel]:1 [Cro]:1 [Cac]:1 [Pso]:2 [Sol]:1 [Ath]:1)
Xylene degradation ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Nitrotoluene degradation ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Ethylbenzene degradation ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Styrene degradation ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:4 [Gel]:4 [Cro]:4 [Cac]:4 [Pso]:4 [Sol]:4 [Ath]:4)
Atrazine degradation ([Opu]:1 [Cca]:1 [Gel]:1 [Cro]:1 [Cac]:1 [Pso]:1 [Sol]:1 [Ath]:1)
Caprolactam degradation ([Opu]:2 [Cca]:2 [Gel]:2 [Cro]:2 [Cac]:2 [Pso]:2 [Sol]:2 [Ath]:2)
Bisphenol degradation ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Dioxin degradation ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:1 [Sol]:1 [Ath]:1)
Naphthalene degradation ([Opu]:2 [Cca]:2 [Gel]:2 [Cro]:2 [Cac]:2 [Pso]:3 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:3)
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon degradation ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:1 [Sol]:1 [Ath]:1)
Furfural degradation ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Steroid degradation ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:2 [Gel]:2 [Cro]:1 [Cac]:1 [Pso]:2 [Sol]:1 [Ath]:1)
Metabolism of xenobiotics by cytochrome P450 ([Opu]:6 [Cca]:7 [Gel]:7 [Cro]:7 [Cac]:7 [Pso]:7 [Sol]:7 [Ath]:7)
Drug metabolism - cytochrome P450 ([Opu]:6 [Cca]:6 [Gel]:6 [Cro]:6 [Cac]:6 [Pso]:6 [Sol]:6 [Ath]:6)
Drug metabolism - other enzymes ([Opu]:16 [Cca]:18 [Gel]:18 [Cro]:18 [Cac]:18 [Pso]:17 [Sol]:19 [Ath]:18)

1.12 Chemical structure transformation maps
Overview of biosynthetic pathways ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Biosynthesis of plant secondary metabolites ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Biosynthesis of phenylpropanoids ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Biosynthesis of terpenoids and steroids ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Biosynthesis of alkaloids derived from shikimate pathway ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Biosynthesis of alkaloids derived from ornithine, lysine and nicotinic acid ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Biosynthesis of alkaloids derived from histidine and purine ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Biosynthesis of alkaloids derived from terpenoid and polyketide ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Biosynthesis of plant hormones ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)

2. Genetic Information Processing

2.1 Transcription
RNA polymerase ([Opu]:29 [Cca]:26 [Gel]:25 [Cro]:28 [Cac]:27 [Pso]:31 [Sol]:29 [Ath]:24)
Basal transcription factors ([Opu]:26 [Cca]:31 [Gel]:27 [Cro]:29 [Cac]:29 [Pso]:30 [Sol]:31 [Ath]:31)
Spliceosome ([Opu]:96 [Cca]:99 [Gel]:98 [Cro]:96 [Cac]:104 [Pso]:100 [Sol]:102 [Ath]:99)

2.2 Translation
Ribosome ([Opu]:127 [Cca]:123 [Gel]:120 [Cro]:118 [Cac]:120 [Pso]:129 [Sol]:132 [Ath]:127)
Aminoacyl-tRNA biosynthesis ([Opu]:26 [Cca]:26 [Gel]:25 [Cro]:26 [Cac]:26 [Pso]:27 [Sol]:27 [Ath]:27)
RNA transport ([Opu]:93 [Cca]:99 [Gel]:91 [Cro]:92 [Cac]:101 [Pso]:97 [Sol]:99 [Ath]:98)
mRNA surveillance pathway ([Opu]:47 [Cca]:51 [Gel]:48 [Cro]:48 [Cac]:52 [Pso]:50 [Sol]:51 [Ath]:48)
Ribosome biogenesis in eukaryotes ([Opu]:53 [Cca]:59 [Gel]:55 [Cro]:52 [Cac]:59 [Pso]:58 [Sol]:60 [Ath]:57)

2.3 Folding, sorting and degradation
Protein export ([Opu]:26 [Cca]:25 [Gel]:25 [Cro]:23 [Cac]:25 [Pso]:26 [Sol]:26 [Ath]:25)
Protein processing in endoplasmic reticulum ([Opu]:76 [Cca]:78 [Gel]:76 [Cro]:74 [Cac]:78 [Pso]:75 [Sol]:80 [Ath]:77)
SNARE interactions in vesicular transport ([Opu]:19 [Cca]:19 [Gel]:16 [Cro]:18 [Cac]:19 [Pso]:19 [Sol]:19 [Ath]:19)
Ubiquitin mediated proteolysis ([Opu]:59 [Cca]:59 [Gel]:57 [Cro]:57 [Cac]:62 [Pso]:62 [Sol]:63 [Ath]:57)
Sulfur relay system ([Opu]:10 [Cca]:9 [Gel]:10 [Cro]:9 [Cac]:10 [Pso]:10 [Sol]:10 [Ath]:8)
Proteasome ([Opu]:34 [Cca]:35 [Gel]:31 [Cro]:33 [Cac]:36 [Pso]:36 [Sol]:36 [Ath]:35)
RNA degradation ([Opu]:48 [Cca]:53 [Gel]:50 [Cro]:45 [Cac]:51 [Pso]:48 [Sol]:52 [Ath]:49)

2.4 Replication and repair
DNA replication ([Opu]:19 [Cca]:31 [Gel]:29 [Cro]:32 [Cac]:33 [Pso]:35 [Sol]:32 [Ath]:31)
Base excision repair ([Opu]:21 [Cca]:25 [Gel]:26 [Cro]:26 [Cac]:26 [Pso]:27 [Sol]:25 [Ath]:27)
Nucleotide excision repair ([Opu]:31 [Cca]:35 [Gel]:35 [Cro]:36 [Cac]:38 [Pso]:37 [Sol]:36 [Ath]:38)
Mismatch repair ([Opu]:19 [Cca]:20 [Gel]:20 [Cro]:21 [Cac]:21 [Pso]:22 [Sol]:22 [Ath]:20)
Homologous recombination ([Opu]:28 [Cca]:32 [Gel]:29 [Cro]:33 [Cac]:34 [Pso]:34 [Sol]:34 [Ath]:31)
Non-homologous end-joining ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:8 [Gel]:6 [Cro]:8 [Cac]:8 [Pso]:8 [Sol]:8 [Ath]:6)
Fanconi anemia pathway ([Opu]:32 [Cca]:34 [Gel]:28 [Cro]:31 [Cac]:33 [Pso]:29 [Sol]:32 [Ath]:30)

3. Environmental Information Processing

3.1 Membrane transport
ABC transporters ([Opu]:21 [Cca]:23 [Gel]:17 [Cro]:20 [Cac]:20 [Pso]:20 [Sol]:23 [Ath]:21)
Phosphotransferase system (PTS) ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Bacterial secretion system ([Opu]:7 [Cca]:7 [Gel]:6 [Cro]:6 [Cac]:6 [Pso]:6 [Sol]:8 [Ath]:6)

3.2 Signal transduction
Two-component system ([Opu]:9 [Cca]:11 [Gel]:10 [Cro]:8 [Cac]:10 [Pso]:11 [Sol]:11 [Ath]:9)
Ras signaling pathway ([Opu]:13 [Cca]:12 [Gel]:11 [Cro]:11 [Cac]:13 [Pso]:13 [Sol]:12 [Ath]:11)
Rap1 signaling pathway ([Opu]:7 [Cca]:7 [Gel]:8 [Cro]:8 [Cac]:8 [Pso]:9 [Sol]:8 [Ath]:6)
MAPK signaling pathway ([Opu]:18 [Cca]:20 [Gel]:22 [Cro]:21 [Cac]:19 [Pso]:21 [Sol]:20 [Ath]:19)
MAPK signaling pathway - fly ([Opu]:14 [Cca]:16 [Gel]:17 [Cro]:17 [Cac]:16 [Pso]:15 [Sol]:17 [Ath]:16)
MAPK signaling pathway - plant ([Opu]:48 [Cca]:48 [Gel]:46 [Cro]:47 [Cac]:45 [Pso]:44 [Sol]:48 [Ath]:54)
MAPK signaling pathway - yeast ([Opu]:14 [Cca]:16 [Gel]:15 [Cro]:16 [Cac]:15 [Pso]:15 [Sol]:15 [Ath]:16)
ErbB signaling pathway ([Opu]:6 [Cca]:7 [Gel]:8 [Cro]:7 [Cac]:7 [Pso]:8 [Sol]:7 [Ath]:6)
Wnt signaling pathway ([Opu]:22 [Cca]:23 [Gel]:22 [Cro]:20 [Cac]:21 [Pso]:24 [Sol]:21 [Ath]:21)
Notch signaling pathway ([Opu]:8 [Cca]:10 [Gel]:10 [Cro]:9 [Cac]:10 [Pso]:10 [Sol]:10 [Ath]:10)
Hedgehog signaling pathway ([Opu]:7 [Cca]:7 [Gel]:7 [Cro]:6 [Cac]:7 [Pso]:7 [Sol]:7 [Ath]:7)
Hedgehog signaling pathway - fly ([Opu]:9 [Cca]:9 [Gel]:9 [Cro]:9 [Cac]:9 [Pso]:9 [Sol]:9 [Ath]:9)
TGF-beta signaling pathway ([Opu]:10 [Cca]:11 [Gel]:11 [Cro]:11 [Cac]:11 [Pso]:11 [Sol]:11 [Ath]:11)
Hippo signaling pathway ([Opu]:11 [Cca]:11 [Gel]:11 [Cro]:11 [Cac]:12 [Pso]:12 [Sol]:12 [Ath]:11)
Hippo signaling pathway - fly ([Opu]:8 [Cca]:7 [Gel]:7 [Cro]:8 [Cac]:8 [Pso]:8 [Sol]:8 [Ath]:7)
Hippo signaling pathway - multiple species ([Opu]:3 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:3 [Cro]:3 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:3 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:3)
VEGF signaling pathway ([Opu]:5 [Cca]:5 [Gel]:6 [Cro]:5 [Cac]:5 [Pso]:6 [Sol]:5 [Ath]:4)
Apelin signaling pathway ([Opu]:18 [Cca]:18 [Gel]:17 [Cro]:18 [Cac]:18 [Pso]:18 [Sol]:18 [Ath]:17)
Jak-STAT signaling pathway ([Opu]:2 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:3 [Cro]:2 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:3 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:3)
NF-kappa B signaling pathway ([Opu]:8 [Cca]:7 [Gel]:8 [Cro]:7 [Cac]:8 [Pso]:8 [Sol]:8 [Ath]:8)
TNF signaling pathway ([Opu]:7 [Cca]:7 [Gel]:8 [Cro]:8 [Cac]:7 [Pso]:6 [Sol]:7 [Ath]:6)
HIF-1 signaling pathway ([Opu]:17 [Cca]:17 [Gel]:17 [Cro]:16 [Cac]:17 [Pso]:19 [Sol]:17 [Ath]:14)
FoxO signaling pathway ([Opu]:17 [Cca]:18 [Gel]:19 [Cro]:18 [Cac]:19 [Pso]:19 [Sol]:19 [Ath]:18)
Calcium signaling pathway ([Opu]:9 [Cca]:10 [Gel]:10 [Cro]:10 [Cac]:10 [Pso]:11 [Sol]:10 [Ath]:9)
Phosphatidylinositol signaling system ([Opu]:23 [Cca]:24 [Gel]:24 [Cro]:24 [Cac]:24 [Pso]:24 [Sol]:24 [Ath]:24)
Phospholipase D signaling pathway ([Opu]:11 [Cca]:12 [Gel]:12 [Cro]:12 [Cac]:12 [Pso]:12 [Sol]:11 [Ath]:10)
Sphingolipid signaling pathway ([Opu]:19 [Cca]:22 [Gel]:23 [Cro]:22 [Cac]:22 [Pso]:23 [Sol]:21 [Ath]:21)
cAMP signaling pathway ([Opu]:11 [Cca]:12 [Gel]:12 [Cro]:11 [Cac]:12 [Pso]:12 [Sol]:11 [Ath]:10)
cGMP-PKG signaling pathway ([Opu]:15 [Cca]:15 [Gel]:14 [Cro]:14 [Cac]:15 [Pso]:15 [Sol]:14 [Ath]:12)
PI3K-Akt signaling pathway ([Opu]:25 [Cca]:26 [Gel]:26 [Cro]:26 [Cac]:26 [Pso]:28 [Sol]:26 [Ath]:26)
AMPK signaling pathway ([Opu]:25 [Cca]:26 [Gel]:26 [Cro]:26 [Cac]:26 [Pso]:26 [Sol]:24 [Ath]:25)
mTOR signaling pathway ([Opu]:25 [Cca]:28 [Gel]:28 [Cro]:27 [Cac]:27 [Pso]:29 [Sol]:28 [Ath]:27)
Plant hormone signal transduction ([Opu]:43 [Cca]:43 [Gel]:43 [Cro]:43 [Cac]:43 [Pso]:42 [Sol]:43 [Ath]:42)

3.3 Signaling molecules and interaction
Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction ([Opu]:1 [Cca]:1 [Gel]:1 [Cro]:1 [Cac]:1 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:1 [Ath]:1)
Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:1 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:1)
Viral protein interaction with cytokine and cytokine receptor (-)
ECM-receptor interaction ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:1)
Cell adhesion molecules (CAMs) ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)

4. Cellular Processes

4.1 Transport and catabolism
Endocytosis ([Opu]:64 [Cca]:61 [Gel]:60 [Cro]:56 [Cac]:64 [Pso]:65 [Sol]:63 [Ath]:61)
Phagosome ([Opu]:32 [Cca]:29 [Gel]:27 [Cro]:27 [Cac]:32 [Pso]:30 [Sol]:31 [Ath]:30)
Lysosome ([Opu]:38 [Cca]:40 [Gel]:40 [Cro]:38 [Cac]:40 [Pso]:39 [Sol]:40 [Ath]:41)
Peroxisome ([Opu]:40 [Cca]:40 [Gel]:37 [Cro]:39 [Cac]:38 [Pso]:40 [Sol]:39 [Ath]:40)
Autophagy - animal ([Opu]:39 [Cca]:41 [Gel]:40 [Cro]:40 [Cac]:42 [Pso]:42 [Sol]:41 [Ath]:36)
Autophagy - yeast ([Opu]:46 [Cca]:48 [Gel]:47 [Cro]:45 [Cac]:48 [Pso]:47 [Sol]:47 [Ath]:44)
Autophagy - other ([Opu]:23 [Cca]:22 [Gel]:21 [Cro]:22 [Cac]:23 [Pso]:22 [Sol]:23 [Ath]:18)
Mitophagy - animal ([Opu]:17 [Cca]:17 [Gel]:17 [Cro]:16 [Cac]:17 [Pso]:16 [Sol]:16 [Ath]:16)
Mitophagy - yeast ([Opu]:14 [Cca]:15 [Gel]:16 [Cro]:15 [Cac]:14 [Pso]:15 [Sol]:14 [Ath]:15)

4.2 Cell growth and death
Cell cycle ([Opu]:51 [Cca]:55 [Gel]:53 [Cro]:51 [Cac]:53 [Pso]:56 [Sol]:57 [Ath]:57)
Cell cycle - yeast ([Opu]:47 [Cca]:53 [Gel]:49 [Cro]:48 [Cac]:51 [Pso]:53 [Sol]:52 [Ath]:51)
Cell cycle - Caulobacter ([Opu]:6 [Cca]:6 [Gel]:5 [Cro]:5 [Cac]:6 [Pso]:6 [Sol]:6 [Ath]:6)
Meiosis - yeast ([Opu]:35 [Cca]:41 [Gel]:38 [Cro]:37 [Cac]:38 [Pso]:40 [Sol]:42 [Ath]:40)
Oocyte meiosis ([Opu]:32 [Cca]:32 [Gel]:32 [Cro]:29 [Cac]:31 [Pso]:32 [Sol]:33 [Ath]:32)
Apoptosis ([Opu]:15 [Cca]:15 [Gel]:17 [Cro]:18 [Cac]:17 [Pso]:18 [Sol]:18 [Ath]:17)
Apoptosis - fly ([Opu]:14 [Cca]:14 [Gel]:16 [Cro]:16 [Cac]:15 [Pso]:15 [Sol]:16 [Ath]:16)
Apoptosis - multiple species ([Opu]:3 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:3 [Cro]:3 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:3 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:3)
Ferroptosis ([Opu]:8 [Cca]:8 [Gel]:8 [Cro]:8 [Cac]:8 [Pso]:8 [Sol]:8 [Ath]:7)
Necroptosis ([Opu]:22 [Cca]:23 [Gel]:23 [Cro]:19 [Cac]:23 [Pso]:22 [Sol]:22 [Ath]:21)
p53 signaling pathway ([Opu]:13 [Cca]:12 [Gel]:12 [Cro]:13 [Cac]:13 [Pso]:12 [Sol]:13 [Ath]:12)
Cellular senescence ([Opu]:25 [Cca]:27 [Gel]:26 [Cro]:28 [Cac]:28 [Pso]:28 [Sol]:29 [Ath]:26)

4.3 Cellular community - eukaryotes
Focal adhesion ([Opu]:9 [Cca]:11 [Gel]:12 [Cro]:10 [Cac]:12 [Pso]:12 [Sol]:10 [Ath]:9)
Adherens junction ([Opu]:9 [Cca]:8 [Gel]:8 [Cro]:9 [Cac]:9 [Pso]:9 [Sol]:9 [Ath]:8)
Tight junction ([Opu]:20 [Cca]:19 [Gel]:20 [Cro]:19 [Cac]:20 [Pso]:19 [Sol]:20 [Ath]:19)
Gap junction ([Opu]:8 [Cca]:9 [Gel]:10 [Cro]:8 [Cac]:8 [Pso]:10 [Sol]:8 [Ath]:7)
Signaling pathways regulating pluripotency of stem cells ([Opu]:8 [Cca]:8 [Gel]:8 [Cro]:8 [Cac]:8 [Pso]:7 [Sol]:8 [Ath]:6)

4.4 Cellular community - prokaryotes
Quorum sensing ([Opu]:14 [Cca]:15 [Gel]:14 [Cro]:13 [Cac]:14 [Pso]:14 [Sol]:14 [Ath]:14)
Biofilm formation - Vibrio cholerae ([Opu]:1 [Cca]:1 [Gel]:1 [Cro]:1 [Cac]:1 [Pso]:1 [Sol]:1 [Ath]:1)
Biofilm formation - Pseudomonas aeruginosa ([Opu]:2 [Cca]:2 [Gel]:2 [Cro]:2 [Cac]:2 [Pso]:2 [Sol]:2 [Ath]:2)
Biofilm formation - Escherichia coli ([Opu]:3 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:3 [Cro]:3 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:3 [Sol]:4 [Ath]:3)

4.5 Cell motility
Bacterial chemotaxis ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:1 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Flagellar assembly ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Regulation of actin cytoskeleton ([Opu]:21 [Cca]:22 [Gel]:22 [Cro]:19 [Cac]:23 [Pso]:22 [Sol]:21 [Ath]:20)

5. Organismal Systems

5.1 Immune system
Hematopoietic cell lineage ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Complement and coagulation cascades ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Platelet activation ([Opu]:6 [Cca]:5 [Gel]:5 [Cro]:5 [Cac]:6 [Pso]:6 [Sol]:5 [Ath]:4)
Toll-like receptor signaling pathway ([Opu]:7 [Cca]:8 [Gel]:7 [Cro]:6 [Cac]:8 [Pso]:8 [Sol]:8 [Ath]:8)
Toll and Imd signaling pathway ([Opu]:9 [Cca]:9 [Gel]:9 [Cro]:9 [Cac]:9 [Pso]:9 [Sol]:10 [Ath]:9)
NOD-like receptor signaling pathway ([Opu]:16 [Cca]:16 [Gel]:16 [Cro]:15 [Cac]:16 [Pso]:15 [Sol]:16 [Ath]:14)
RIG-I-like receptor signaling pathway ([Opu]:7 [Cca]:7 [Gel]:6 [Cro]:6 [Cac]:7 [Pso]:7 [Sol]:7 [Ath]:7)
Cytosolic DNA-sensing pathway ([Opu]:15 [Cca]:14 [Gel]:14 [Cro]:14 [Cac]:15 [Pso]:16 [Sol]:16 [Ath]:13)
C-type lectin receptor signaling pathway ([Opu]:3 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:3 [Cro]:3 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:3 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:3)
Natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:5 [Gel]:6 [Cro]:5 [Cac]:5 [Pso]:6 [Sol]:5 [Ath]:4)
Antigen processing and presentation ([Opu]:12 [Cca]:12 [Gel]:12 [Cro]:12 [Cac]:12 [Pso]:12 [Sol]:12 [Ath]:11)
T cell receptor signaling pathway ([Opu]:5 [Cca]:6 [Gel]:6 [Cro]:6 [Cac]:6 [Pso]:6 [Sol]:6 [Ath]:5)
Th1 and Th2 cell differentiation ([Opu]:3 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:3 [Cro]:3 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:3 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:3)
Th17 cell differentiation ([Opu]:5 [Cca]:5 [Gel]:5 [Cro]:5 [Cac]:5 [Pso]:5 [Sol]:5 [Ath]:4)
IL-17 signaling pathway ([Opu]:7 [Cca]:8 [Gel]:8 [Cro]:8 [Cac]:7 [Pso]:9 [Sol]:7 [Ath]:7)
B cell receptor signaling pathway ([Opu]:5 [Cca]:5 [Gel]:5 [Cro]:5 [Cac]:5 [Pso]:5 [Sol]:5 [Ath]:4)
Fc epsilon RI signaling pathway ([Opu]:3 [Cca]:4 [Gel]:5 [Cro]:4 [Cac]:4 [Pso]:5 [Sol]:4 [Ath]:3)
Fc gamma R-mediated phagocytosis ([Opu]:15 [Cca]:15 [Gel]:16 [Cro]:14 [Cac]:15 [Pso]:16 [Sol]:15 [Ath]:14)
Leukocyte transendothelial migration ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:4 [Cro]:3 [Cac]:4 [Pso]:5 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:2)
Intestinal immune network for IgA production ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Chemokine signaling pathway ([Opu]:8 [Cca]:9 [Gel]:8 [Cro]:8 [Cac]:9 [Pso]:9 [Sol]:8 [Ath]:7)

5.2 Endocrine system
Insulin secretion ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:4 [Gel]:5 [Cro]:4 [Cac]:4 [Pso]:5 [Sol]:4 [Ath]:4)
Insulin signaling pathway ([Opu]:19 [Cca]:21 [Gel]:21 [Cro]:21 [Cac]:21 [Pso]:21 [Sol]:21 [Ath]:20)
Glucagon signaling pathway ([Opu]:19 [Cca]:19 [Gel]:19 [Cro]:19 [Cac]:19 [Pso]:20 [Sol]:19 [Ath]:19)
Regulation of lipolysis in adipocytes ([Opu]:5 [Cca]:4 [Gel]:4 [Cro]:4 [Cac]:4 [Pso]:4 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:4)
Adipocytokine signaling pathway ([Opu]:7 [Cca]:7 [Gel]:7 [Cro]:7 [Cac]:7 [Pso]:8 [Sol]:6 [Ath]:6)
PPAR signaling pathway ([Opu]:9 [Cca]:11 [Gel]:10 [Cro]:9 [Cac]:11 [Pso]:11 [Sol]:10 [Ath]:10)
GnRH signaling pathway ([Opu]:8 [Cca]:9 [Gel]:10 [Cro]:9 [Cac]:8 [Pso]:10 [Sol]:8 [Ath]:7)
Ovarian steroidogenesis ([Opu]:1 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:3 [Cro]:3 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:3 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:3)
Estrogen signaling pathway ([Opu]:11 [Cca]:12 [Gel]:12 [Cro]:12 [Cac]:12 [Pso]:12 [Sol]:12 [Ath]:10)
Progesterone-mediated oocyte maturation ([Opu]:22 [Cca]:23 [Gel]:22 [Cro]:20 [Cac]:22 [Pso]:22 [Sol]:23 [Ath]:21)
Prolactin signaling pathway ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:5 [Gel]:4 [Cro]:4 [Cac]:5 [Pso]:5 [Sol]:5 [Ath]:4)
Oxytocin signaling pathway ([Opu]:15 [Cca]:16 [Gel]:17 [Cro]:16 [Cac]:16 [Pso]:18 [Sol]:14 [Ath]:13)
Relaxin signaling pathway ([Opu]:6 [Cca]:6 [Gel]:6 [Cro]:6 [Cac]:7 [Pso]:8 [Sol]:6 [Ath]:6)
Thyroid hormone synthesis ([Opu]:7 [Cca]:7 [Gel]:9 [Cro]:7 [Cac]:7 [Pso]:8 [Sol]:7 [Ath]:8)
Thyroid hormone signaling pathway ([Opu]:15 [Cca]:16 [Gel]:17 [Cro]:17 [Cac]:17 [Pso]:19 [Sol]:17 [Ath]:15)
Parathyroid hormone synthesis, secretion and action ([Opu]:10 [Cca]:11 [Gel]:12 [Cro]:11 [Cac]:11 [Pso]:13 [Sol]:11 [Ath]:10)
Melanogenesis ([Opu]:7 [Cca]:7 [Gel]:8 [Cro]:7 [Cac]:7 [Pso]:8 [Sol]:7 [Ath]:6)
Renin secretion ([Opu]:5 [Cca]:5 [Gel]:5 [Cro]:5 [Cac]:5 [Pso]:5 [Sol]:5 [Ath]:5)
Renin-angiotensin system ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:4 [Gel]:3 [Cro]:4 [Cac]:4 [Pso]:4 [Sol]:4 [Ath]:4)
Aldosterone synthesis and secretion ([Opu]:5 [Cca]:6 [Gel]:7 [Cro]:6 [Cac]:6 [Pso]:7 [Sol]:6 [Ath]:6)
Cortisol synthesis and secretion ([Opu]:3 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:3 [Cro]:3 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:3 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:3)

5.3 Circulatory system
Cardiac muscle contraction ([Opu]:11 [Cca]:8 [Gel]:10 [Cro]:12 [Cac]:9 [Pso]:12 [Sol]:11 [Ath]:12)
Adrenergic signaling in cardiomyocytes ([Opu]:13 [Cca]:13 [Gel]:14 [Cro]:13 [Cac]:13 [Pso]:14 [Sol]:13 [Ath]:13)
Vascular smooth muscle contraction ([Opu]:7 [Cca]:8 [Gel]:9 [Cro]:7 [Cac]:8 [Pso]:9 [Sol]:7 [Ath]:6)

5.4 Digestive system
Salivary secretion ([Opu]:3 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:4 [Cro]:3 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:4 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:3)
Gastric acid secretion ([Opu]:3 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:4 [Cro]:3 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:4 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:3)
Pancreatic secretion ([Opu]:5 [Cca]:5 [Gel]:5 [Cro]:5 [Cac]:5 [Pso]:6 [Sol]:5 [Ath]:4)
Bile secretion ([Opu]:5 [Cca]:5 [Gel]:5 [Cro]:5 [Cac]:5 [Pso]:6 [Sol]:6 [Ath]:5)
Carbohydrate digestion and absorption ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:4 [Gel]:3 [Cro]:3 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:4 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:3)
Protein digestion and absorption ([Opu]:3 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:3 [Cro]:3 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:3 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:4)
Fat digestion and absorption ([Opu]:2 [Cca]:4 [Gel]:4 [Cro]:4 [Cac]:4 [Pso]:3 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:3)
Cholesterol metabolism ([Opu]:5 [Cca]:5 [Gel]:6 [Cro]:5 [Cac]:5 [Pso]:4 [Sol]:5 [Ath]:5)
Vitamin digestion and absorption ([Opu]:2 [Cca]:2 [Gel]:1 [Cro]:2 [Cac]:2 [Pso]:2 [Sol]:2 [Ath]:2)
Mineral absorption ([Opu]:5 [Cca]:5 [Gel]:5 [Cro]:5 [Cac]:5 [Pso]:5 [Sol]:5 [Ath]:5)

5.5 Excretory system
Vasopressin-regulated water reabsorption ([Opu]:7 [Cca]:7 [Gel]:7 [Cro]:6 [Cac]:8 [Pso]:7 [Sol]:7 [Ath]:6)
Aldosterone-regulated sodium reabsorption ([Opu]:1 [Cca]:2 [Gel]:3 [Cro]:2 [Cac]:2 [Pso]:3 [Sol]:2 [Ath]:2)
Endocrine and other factor-regulated calcium reabsorption ([Opu]:7 [Cca]:7 [Gel]:8 [Cro]:7 [Cac]:7 [Pso]:8 [Sol]:7 [Ath]:6)
Proximal tubule bicarbonate reclamation ([Opu]:3 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:2 [Cro]:3 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:3 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:4)
Collecting duct acid secretion ([Opu]:12 [Cca]:12 [Gel]:10 [Cro]:10 [Cac]:13 [Pso]:12 [Sol]:13 [Ath]:12)

5.6 Nervous system
Glutamatergic synapse ([Opu]:8 [Cca]:8 [Gel]:7 [Cro]:8 [Cac]:8 [Pso]:9 [Sol]:8 [Ath]:8)
GABAergic synapse ([Opu]:11 [Cca]:11 [Gel]:10 [Cro]:11 [Cac]:11 [Pso]:12 [Sol]:11 [Ath]:11)
Cholinergic synapse ([Opu]:6 [Cca]:6 [Gel]:6 [Cro]:6 [Cac]:6 [Pso]:7 [Sol]:6 [Ath]:5)
Dopaminergic synapse ([Opu]:15 [Cca]:15 [Gel]:15 [Cro]:15 [Cac]:15 [Pso]:16 [Sol]:15 [Ath]:15)
Serotonergic synapse ([Opu]:6 [Cca]:8 [Gel]:8 [Cro]:8 [Cac]:8 [Pso]:9 [Sol]:8 [Ath]:7)
Long-term potentiation ([Opu]:8 [Cca]:9 [Gel]:10 [Cro]:9 [Cac]:9 [Pso]:10 [Sol]:9 [Ath]:8)
Long-term depression ([Opu]:6 [Cca]:7 [Gel]:8 [Cro]:7 [Cac]:7 [Pso]:8 [Sol]:7 [Ath]:6)
Retrograde endocannabinoid signaling ([Opu]:33 [Cca]:27 [Gel]:29 [Cro]:30 [Cac]:24 [Pso]:36 [Sol]:32 [Ath]:28)
Synaptic vesicle cycle ([Opu]:25 [Cca]:24 [Gel]:23 [Cro]:23 [Cac]:25 [Pso]:23 [Sol]:25 [Ath]:24)
Neurotrophin signaling pathway ([Opu]:13 [Cca]:16 [Gel]:17 [Cro]:17 [Cac]:15 [Pso]:16 [Sol]:16 [Ath]:16)

5.7 Sensory system
Phototransduction ([Opu]:2 [Cca]:2 [Gel]:1 [Cro]:2 [Cac]:2 [Pso]:2 [Sol]:2 [Ath]:2)
Phototransduction - fly ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:4 [Cro]:4 [Cac]:4 [Pso]:5 [Sol]:4 [Ath]:3)
Olfactory transduction ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:4 [Gel]:3 [Cro]:4 [Cac]:4 [Pso]:4 [Sol]:4 [Ath]:4)
Taste transduction ([Opu]:1 [Cca]:1 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:1 [Cac]:1 [Pso]:1 [Sol]:1 [Ath]:1)
Inflammatory mediator regulation of TRP channels ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:5 [Gel]:6 [Cro]:5 [Cac]:5 [Pso]:6 [Sol]:5 [Ath]:5)

5.8 Development
Dorso-ventral axis formation ([Opu]:3 [Cca]:4 [Gel]:4 [Cro]:4 [Cac]:4 [Pso]:4 [Sol]:4 [Ath]:3)
Axon guidance ([Opu]:9 [Cca]:10 [Gel]:11 [Cro]:9 [Cac]:10 [Pso]:9 [Sol]:7 [Ath]:8)
Osteoclast differentiation ([Opu]:6 [Cca]:6 [Gel]:6 [Cro]:6 [Cac]:6 [Pso]:6 [Sol]:6 [Ath]:6)

5.9 Aging
Longevity regulating pathway ([Opu]:17 [Cca]:17 [Gel]:17 [Cro]:17 [Cac]:17 [Pso]:17 [Sol]:16 [Ath]:15)
Longevity regulating pathway - worm ([Opu]:19 [Cca]:18 [Gel]:18 [Cro]:17 [Cac]:18 [Pso]:19 [Sol]:19 [Ath]:19)
Longevity regulating pathway - multiple species ([Opu]:13 [Cca]:13 [Gel]:13 [Cro]:13 [Cac]:13 [Pso]:13 [Sol]:13 [Ath]:13)

5.10 Environmental adaptation
Circadian rhythm ([Opu]:10 [Cca]:11 [Gel]:11 [Cro]:10 [Cac]:11 [Pso]:10 [Sol]:11 [Ath]:11)
Circadian entrainment ([Opu]:6 [Cca]:6 [Gel]:6 [Cro]:6 [Cac]:6 [Pso]:7 [Sol]:6 [Ath]:6)
Circadian rhythm - fly ([Opu]:2 [Cca]:2 [Gel]:2 [Cro]:2 [Cac]:2 [Pso]:2 [Sol]:2 [Ath]:2)
Circadian rhythm - plant ([Opu]:22 [Cca]:23 [Gel]:23 [Cro]:23 [Cac]:23 [Pso]:22 [Sol]:23 [Ath]:24)
Thermogenesis ([Opu]:88 [Cca]:79 [Gel]:81 [Cro]:81 [Cac]:76 [Pso]:90 [Sol]:90 [Ath]:83)
Plant-pathogen interaction ([Opu]:41 [Cca]:43 [Gel]:39 [Cro]:41 [Cac]:40 [Pso]:35 [Sol]:46 [Ath]:42)

6. Human Diseases

6.1 Cancer: overview
Pathways in cancer ([Opu]:37 [Cca]:39 [Gel]:39 [Cro]:36 [Cac]:40 [Pso]:41 [Sol]:38 [Ath]:35)
Transcriptional misregulation in cancer ([Opu]:16 [Cca]:16 [Gel]:17 [Cro]:17 [Cac]:17 [Pso]:16 [Sol]:17 [Ath]:15)
MicroRNAs in cancer ([Opu]:16 [Cca]:16 [Gel]:17 [Cro]:17 [Cac]:16 [Pso]:18 [Sol]:16 [Ath]:16)
Proteoglycans in cancer ([Opu]:14 [Cca]:15 [Gel]:16 [Cro]:15 [Cac]:16 [Pso]:17 [Sol]:16 [Ath]:13)
Chemical carcinogenesis ([Opu]:5 [Cca]:6 [Gel]:6 [Cro]:6 [Cac]:6 [Pso]:6 [Sol]:6 [Ath]:6)
Viral carcinogenesis ([Opu]:37 [Cca]:37 [Gel]:35 [Cro]:40 [Cac]:40 [Pso]:40 [Sol]:41 [Ath]:40)
Central carbon metabolism in cancer ([Opu]:12 [Cca]:12 [Gel]:12 [Cro]:12 [Cac]:12 [Pso]:13 [Sol]:12 [Ath]:10)
Choline metabolism in cancer ([Opu]:13 [Cca]:13 [Gel]:14 [Cro]:14 [Cac]:14 [Pso]:16 [Sol]:14 [Ath]:13)
PD-L1 expression and PD-1 checkpoint pathway in cancer (-)

6.2 Cancer: specific types
Colorectal cancer ([Opu]:13 [Cca]:14 [Gel]:14 [Cro]:14 [Cac]:14 [Pso]:13 [Sol]:14 [Ath]:12)
Pancreatic cancer ([Opu]:10 [Cca]:11 [Gel]:11 [Cro]:11 [Cac]:11 [Pso]:10 [Sol]:11 [Ath]:9)
Hepatocellular carcinoma ([Opu]:15 [Cca]:17 [Gel]:18 [Cro]:17 [Cac]:18 [Pso]:17 [Sol]:18 [Ath]:15)
Gastric cancer ([Opu]:11 [Cca]:13 [Gel]:13 [Cro]:12 [Cac]:13 [Pso]:11 [Sol]:13 [Ath]:11)
Glioma ([Opu]:9 [Cca]:11 [Gel]:12 [Cro]:11 [Cac]:11 [Pso]:11 [Sol]:11 [Ath]:9)
Thyroid cancer ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:6 [Gel]:6 [Cro]:6 [Cac]:5 [Pso]:5 [Sol]:6 [Ath]:4)
Acute myeloid leukemia ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:5 [Gel]:5 [Cro]:5 [Cac]:5 [Pso]:5 [Sol]:5 [Ath]:4)
Chronic myeloid leukemia ([Opu]:7 [Cca]:8 [Gel]:8 [Cro]:8 [Cac]:8 [Pso]:7 [Sol]:8 [Ath]:6)
Basal cell carcinoma ([Opu]:3 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:3 [Cro]:3 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:2 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:2)
Melanoma ([Opu]:6 [Cca]:7 [Gel]:7 [Cro]:7 [Cac]:7 [Pso]:6 [Sol]:7 [Ath]:5)
Renal cell carcinoma ([Opu]:9 [Cca]:10 [Gel]:9 [Cro]:9 [Cac]:10 [Pso]:11 [Sol]:10 [Ath]:7)
Bladder cancer ([Opu]:3 [Cca]:4 [Gel]:4 [Cro]:4 [Cac]:5 [Pso]:5 [Sol]:4 [Ath]:3)
Prostate cancer ([Opu]:11 [Cca]:13 [Gel]:13 [Cro]:13 [Cac]:13 [Pso]:13 [Sol]:13 [Ath]:11)
Endometrial cancer ([Opu]:7 [Cca]:10 [Gel]:10 [Cro]:10 [Cac]:10 [Pso]:8 [Sol]:9 [Ath]:7)
Breast cancer ([Opu]:10 [Cca]:12 [Gel]:11 [Cro]:11 [Cac]:11 [Pso]:10 [Sol]:11 [Ath]:9)
Small cell lung cancer ([Opu]:9 [Cca]:9 [Gel]:9 [Cro]:8 [Cac]:9 [Pso]:8 [Sol]:8 [Ath]:8)
Non-small cell lung cancer ([Opu]:6 [Cca]:8 [Gel]:9 [Cro]:8 [Cac]:8 [Pso]:8 [Sol]:8 [Ath]:5)

6.3 Immune disease
Asthma ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Systemic lupus erythematosus ([Opu]:7 [Cca]:8 [Gel]:8 [Cro]:7 [Cac]:8 [Pso]:8 [Sol]:8 [Ath]:8)
Rheumatoid arthritis ([Opu]:15 [Cca]:14 [Gel]:13 [Cro]:13 [Cac]:16 [Pso]:15 [Sol]:15 [Ath]:16)
Autoimmune thyroid disease ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Allograft rejection ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Graft-versus-host disease ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Primary immunodeficiency ([Opu]:2 [Cca]:2 [Gel]:2 [Cro]:2 [Cac]:2 [Pso]:2 [Sol]:2 [Ath]:2)

6.4 Neurodegenerative disease
Alzheimer disease ([Opu]:58 [Cca]:53 [Gel]:52 [Cro]:54 [Cac]:50 [Pso]:60 [Sol]:57 [Ath]:56)
Parkinson disease ([Opu]:57 [Cca]:46 [Gel]:50 [Cro]:53 [Cac]:44 [Pso]:59 [Sol]:55 [Ath]:53)
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) ([Opu]:8 [Cca]:8 [Gel]:8 [Cro]:8 [Cac]:8 [Pso]:7 [Sol]:9 [Ath]:8)
Huntington disease ([Opu]:68 [Cca]:63 [Gel]:61 [Cro]:64 [Cac]:60 [Pso]:70 [Sol]:68 [Ath]:66)
Prion diseases ([Opu]:5 [Cca]:5 [Gel]:5 [Cro]:5 [Cac]:5 [Pso]:5 [Sol]:5 [Ath]:4)

6.5 Substance dependence
Cocaine addiction ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:4 [Gel]:4 [Cro]:4 [Cac]:4 [Pso]:4 [Sol]:4 [Ath]:4)
Amphetamine addiction ([Opu]:7 [Cca]:7 [Gel]:8 [Cro]:7 [Cac]:7 [Pso]:8 [Sol]:7 [Ath]:7)
Morphine addiction ([Opu]:3 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:3 [Cro]:3 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:4 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:3)
Nicotine addiction ([Opu]:1 [Cca]:1 [Gel]:1 [Cro]:1 [Cac]:1 [Pso]:1 [Sol]:1 [Ath]:1)
Alcoholism ([Opu]:18 [Cca]:19 [Gel]:17 [Cro]:19 [Cac]:19 [Pso]:20 [Sol]:18 [Ath]:17)

6.6 Cardiovascular disease
Fluid shear stress and atherosclerosis ([Opu]:15 [Cca]:15 [Gel]:16 [Cro]:17 [Cac]:15 [Pso]:15 [Sol]:16 [Ath]:15)
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) ([Opu]:5 [Cca]:4 [Gel]:4 [Cro]:5 [Cac]:5 [Pso]:5 [Sol]:5 [Ath]:4)
Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC) ([Opu]:1 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:1 [Cac]:1 [Pso]:1 [Sol]:1 [Ath]:0)
Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) ([Opu]:2 [Cca]:1 [Gel]:1 [Cro]:2 [Cac]:2 [Pso]:2 [Sol]:2 [Ath]:1)
Viral myocarditis ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:3 [Cro]:4 [Cac]:4 [Pso]:4 [Sol]:4 [Ath]:3)

6.7 Endocrine and metabolic disease
Type II diabetes mellitus ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:4 [Gel]:4 [Cro]:4 [Cac]:4 [Pso]:4 [Sol]:4 [Ath]:4)
Type I diabetes mellitus ([Opu]:2 [Cca]:2 [Gel]:2 [Cro]:2 [Cac]:2 [Pso]:2 [Sol]:2 [Ath]:2)
Maturity onset diabetes of the young ([Opu]:1 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) ([Opu]:44 [Cca]:41 [Gel]:41 [Cro]:42 [Cac]:37 [Pso]:46 [Sol]:44 [Ath]:44)
Insulin resistance ([Opu]:13 [Cca]:13 [Gel]:14 [Cro]:14 [Cac]:14 [Pso]:15 [Sol]:14 [Ath]:14)
AGE-RAGE signaling pathway in diabetic complications ([Opu]:4 [Cca]:4 [Gel]:5 [Cro]:3 [Cac]:4 [Pso]:5 [Sol]:4 [Ath]:5)
Cushing syndrome ([Opu]:15 [Cca]:15 [Gel]:16 [Cro]:16 [Cac]:16 [Pso]:16 [Sol]:16 [Ath]:15)

6.8 Infectious disease: bacterial
Vibrio cholerae infection ([Opu]:20 [Cca]:18 [Gel]:17 [Cro]:17 [Cac]:20 [Pso]:20 [Sol]:20 [Ath]:19)
Epithelial cell signaling in Helicobacter pylori infection ([Opu]:14 [Cca]:13 [Gel]:12 [Cro]:12 [Cac]:14 [Pso]:13 [Sol]:14 [Ath]:14)
Pathogenic Escherichia coli infection ([Opu]:11 [Cca]:10 [Gel]:11 [Cro]:9 [Cac]:11 [Pso]:12 [Sol]:10 [Ath]:9)
Salmonella infection ([Opu]:13 [Cca]:12 [Gel]:12 [Cro]:10 [Cac]:13 [Pso]:13 [Sol]:12 [Ath]:11)
Shigellosis ([Opu]:17 [Cca]:16 [Gel]:16 [Cro]:14 [Cac]:17 [Pso]:17 [Sol]:16 [Ath]:15)
Pertussis ([Opu]:6 [Cca]:6 [Gel]:6 [Cro]:6 [Cac]:6 [Pso]:6 [Sol]:6 [Ath]:6)
Legionellosis ([Opu]:11 [Cca]:11 [Gel]:10 [Cro]:11 [Cac]:11 [Pso]:11 [Sol]:11 [Ath]:11)
Staphylococcus aureus infection ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Tuberculosis ([Opu]:24 [Cca]:24 [Gel]:25 [Cro]:23 [Cac]:26 [Pso]:25 [Sol]:25 [Ath]:25)
Bacterial invasion of epithelial cells ([Opu]:13 [Cca]:13 [Gel]:13 [Cro]:13 [Cac]:14 [Pso]:13 [Sol]:13 [Ath]:12)

6.9 Infectious disease: viral
Human T-cell leukemia virus 1 infection ([Opu]:42 [Cca]:41 [Gel]:42 [Cro]:40 [Cac]:43 [Pso]:42 [Sol]:44 [Ath]:43)
Human immunodeficiency virus 1 infection ([Opu]:32 [Cca]:29 [Gel]:31 [Cro]:31 [Cac]:32 [Pso]:33 [Sol]:32 [Ath]:29)
Measles ([Opu]:15 [Cca]:14 [Gel]:14 [Cro]:13 [Cac]:14 [Pso]:15 [Sol]:16 [Ath]:15)
Influenza A ([Opu]:24 [Cca]:23 [Gel]:23 [Cro]:22 [Cac]:24 [Pso]:24 [Sol]:26 [Ath]:21)
Hepatitis B ([Opu]:16 [Cca]:16 [Gel]:18 [Cro]:17 [Cac]:17 [Pso]:18 [Sol]:17 [Ath]:15)
Hepatitis C ([Opu]:14 [Cca]:16 [Gel]:15 [Cro]:13 [Cac]:15 [Pso]:16 [Sol]:17 [Ath]:15)
Herpes simplex virus 1 infection ([Opu]:19 [Cca]:20 [Gel]:20 [Cro]:17 [Cac]:19 [Pso]:19 [Sol]:21 [Ath]:19)
Human cytomegalovirus infection ([Opu]:16 [Cca]:16 [Gel]:16 [Cro]:15 [Cac]:16 [Pso]:17 [Sol]:15 [Ath]:14)
Kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus infection ([Opu]:16 [Cca]:16 [Gel]:15 [Cro]:16 [Cac]:16 [Pso]:15 [Sol]:17 [Ath]:14)
Epstein-Barr virus infection ([Opu]:37 [Cca]:39 [Gel]:35 [Cro]:37 [Cac]:39 [Pso]:38 [Sol]:40 [Ath]:37)
Human papillomavirus infection ([Opu]:40 [Cca]:40 [Gel]:38 [Cro]:38 [Cac]:41 [Pso]:39 [Sol]:43 [Ath]:42)

6.10 Infectious disease: parasitic
Amoebiasis ([Opu]:5 [Cca]:5 [Gel]:6 [Cro]:4 [Cac]:6 [Pso]:6 [Sol]:5 [Ath]:6)
Malaria ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Toxoplasmosis ([Opu]:8 [Cca]:9 [Gel]:9 [Cro]:9 [Cac]:9 [Pso]:9 [Sol]:9 [Ath]:9)
Leishmaniasis ([Opu]:5 [Cca]:5 [Gel]:5 [Cro]:5 [Cac]:5 [Pso]:5 [Sol]:5 [Ath]:5)
Chagas disease (American trypanosomiasis) ([Opu]:9 [Cca]:9 [Gel]:9 [Cro]:9 [Cac]:9 [Pso]:9 [Sol]:9 [Ath]:9)
African trypanosomiasis ([Opu]:3 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:4 [Cro]:3 [Cac]:3 [Pso]:4 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:3)

6.11 Drug resistance: antimicrobial
beta-Lactam resistance ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:1 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:1 [Ath]:0)
Vancomycin resistance ([Opu]:2 [Cca]:3 [Gel]:2 [Cro]:2 [Cac]:4 [Pso]:2 [Sol]:3 [Ath]:3)
Cationic antimicrobial peptide (CAMP) resistance ([Opu]:1 [Cca]:2 [Gel]:1 [Cro]:1 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:1 [Sol]:1 [Ath]:1)

6.12 Drug resistance: antineoplastic
EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor resistance ([Opu]:8 [Cca]:9 [Gel]:10 [Cro]:9 [Cac]:9 [Pso]:10 [Sol]:9 [Ath]:8)
Platinum drug resistance ([Opu]:14 [Cca]:15 [Gel]:17 [Cro]:17 [Cac]:16 [Pso]:15 [Sol]:16 [Ath]:17)
Antifolate resistance ([Opu]:9 [Cca]:9 [Gel]:9 [Cro]:8 [Cac]:7 [Pso]:9 [Sol]:9 [Ath]:10)
Endocrine resistance ([Opu]:6 [Cca]:8 [Gel]:8 [Cro]:8 [Cac]:8 [Pso]:8 [Sol]:8 [Ath]:7)

7. Drug Development

7.1 Chronology: Antiinfectives
Penicillins ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Cephalosporins - parenteral agents ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Cephalosporins - oral agents ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Aminoglycosides ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Tetracyclines ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Macrolides and ketolides ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Quinolones ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Rifamycins ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Antifungal agents ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Antiviral agents ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Anti-HIV agents ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)

7.2 Chronology: Antineoplastics
Antineoplastics - alkylating agents ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Antineoplastics - antimetabolic agents ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Antineoplastics - agents from natural products ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Antineoplastics - hormones ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Antineoplastics - protein kinases inhibitors ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)

7.3 Chronology: Nervous system agents
Hypnotics ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Anxiolytics ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Anticonvulsants ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Local analgesics ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Opioid analgesics ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Antipsychotics ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Antipsychotics - phenothiazines ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Antipsychotics - butyrophenones ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Antidepressants ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Agents for Alzheimer-type dementia ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Antiparkinsonian agents ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)

7.4 Chronology: Other drugs
Sulfonamide derivatives - overview ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Sulfonamide derivatives - sulfa drugs ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Sulfonamide derivatives - diuretics ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Sulfonamide derivatives - hypoglycemic agents ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Antiarrhythmic drugs ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Antiulcer drugs ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Immunosuppressive agents ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Osteoporosis drugs ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Antimigraines ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Antithrombosis agents ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Antirheumatics - DMARDs and biological agents ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Antidiabetics ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Antidyslipidemic agents ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Antiglaucoma agents ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)

7.5 Target-based classification: G protein-coupled receptors
Cholinergic and anticholinergic drugs ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
alpha-Adrenergic receptor agonists/antagonists ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
beta-Adrenergic receptor agonists/antagonists ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Dopamine receptor agonists/antagonists ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Histamine H1 receptor antagonists ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Histamine H2/H3 receptor agonists/antagonists ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Serotonin receptor agonists/antagonists ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Eicosanoid receptor agonists/antagonists ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Opioid receptor agonists/antagonists ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Angiotensin receptor and endothelin receptor antagonists ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)

7.6 Target-based classification: Nuclear receptors
Glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid receptor agonists/antagonists ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Progesterone, androgen and estrogen receptor agonists/antagonists ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Retinoic acid receptor (RAR) and retinoid X receptor (RXR) agonists/antagonists ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR) agonists ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)

7.7 Target-based classification: Ion channels
Nicotinic cholinergic receptor antagonists ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
GABA-A receptor agonists/antagonists ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Calcium channel blocking drugs ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Sodium channel blocking drugs ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Potassium channel blocking and opening drugs ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
N-Metyl-D-aspartic acid receptor antagonists ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)

7.8 Target-based classification: Transporters
Ion transporter inhibitors ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Neurotransmitter transporter inhibitors ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)

7.9 Target-based classification: Enzymes
Catecholamine transferase inhibitors ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Cyclooxygenase inhibitors ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Renin-angiotensin system inhibitors ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
HIV protease inhibitors ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)

7.10 Structure-based classification
Quinolines ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Eicosanoids ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Prostaglandins ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)

7.11 Skeleton-based classification
Benzoic acid family ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
1,2-Diphenyl substitution family ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Naphthalene family ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)
Benzodiazepine family ([Opu]:0 [Cca]:0 [Gel]:0 [Cro]:0 [Cac]:0 [Pso]:0 [Sol]:0 [Ath]:0)